NOVATECH® TALCAIR™ is a powder blower, consisting of an insufflation cannula with attached coupling for the STERITALC® 3 grams vial and a separate insufflation bulb.

NOVATECH® TALCAIR™ is used in combination with STERITALC® 3 grams.

NOVATECH® TALCAIR™ has been especially designed for use with STERITALC® from Novatech, medical talcum intended for treatment of malignant pleural effusion by insufflation of medical grade talc following drainage of pleural effusion. The talcum is applied by poudrage through a thoracoscope.

NOVATECH® TALCAIR™ allows the talcum to take full effect, spreading it homo­geneously inside the pleural cavity. The aim is to create a “mist” in the pleural cavity, evenly ­distributing the talcum onto the parietal and visceral pleura.

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Powder Blower
for STERITALC® 3 grams
(REF NDC-62327-333-43)

2 items per carton