Montgomery® Safe-T-Tube™

Intended Use

To maintain an adequate tracheal airway, as well as to provide support in the stenotic trachea that has been reconstituted or reconstructed.


  • Acute laryngotracheal injuries

  • Intrathoracic tracheal stenosis

  • Reconstructed trachea

  • Reconstituted trachea

  • Tracheal stenosis when the cervical or thoracic trachea cannot be repaired

  • Segmental resection and anastomosis

  • Cervical trachea that cannot be repaired

Five styles available

  • Available in clear or radiopaque material
  • Implant-grade silicone, non-adherent smooth surface
  • Ridges and grooves along the extraluminal limb of the tube allow a ring washer to be attached, significantly reducing the possibility of accidental posterior displacement.
  • 2 Plug/Ring Sets are included with each Safe-T-Tube. Extra Plug/Ring Sets are available separately.

Safe-T-Tubes™ are easy to insert, suction and remove, and can be used with anesthesia.

Safe-T-Tubes™ come in a large variety of sizes.

Each Safe-T-Tube™ is supplied sterile. Carton contains 1 Tube, 2 Plug/Ring Sets, 1 Patient-PAK™.

Shortened Safe-T-Tube™

Special situations require shortened Safe-T-Tube™ limbs.

We offer a service to shorten any Safe-T-Tube™ to your exact dimensions and finish the ends
with a smooth taper. 

Please call Customer Service
+1 (508) 898-9300