TONN™ NOVATECH® Stent Applicator

Designed by Dr. Hermann Tonn (Hanover, Germany) for insertion of DUMON™ tracheo-bronchial silicone stents by rigid bronchoscopy

Stent placement made easy

Four different sizes: BLUE, RED, GREEN and WHITE for the placement of stents with diameters of 10 to 20 mm and lengths of 20 to 160 mm, as well as bifurcation stents (Y stents).

TONN™ NOVATECH® — Easy placement of Y stents as well. The lateral alignment of the stent is determined prior to insertion, minimizing the risks of incorrect positioning and damage to the stent.

Y stents can also be placed easily as the correct position of the stent’s branches is determined prior to insertion, thereby reducing the risk of mispositioning and stent damage.


Ordering Information

ColourIntroducer tube working length (cm)Introducer tube OD (mm)REF
BLUE3212,7502 BRS B 120
RED4212,7502 BRS R 130
GREEN4210,2502 BRS G 140
WHITE428,202 BRS W 150

Individual components are available as spare parts.
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