What is e-labelling?

E-labelling means that the IFU (Instructions for use) for our products are provided in electronic form, as pdf files, available on our website.

For which products?

According to legal regulations in the US, e-labeling is only available for products aimed at professional users, e.g. physicians, nurses and hospital staff. Products used directly by patients are still accompanied by printed instructions for use.

Why e-labelling?

It’s fast

Updates to IFU are immediately available to the user. E-labeling ensures that the user always has the latest version of the IFU.

It’s easy

Scanning the QR code on the product label takes you directly to the IFU. Alternatively, you can enter the URL from the label into your web browser. This way the IFU is available on your desktop computer, your mobile phone or tablet.
Unlike printed IFU, you can enlarge it for better readability.

It’s eco-friendly

Printing large volumes of multilingual IFU brochures requires large volumes of paper. E-labeling avoids this consumption of natural resources. The ecological benefit is significant.

How does it work?

Look out for the symbol „e-labelling“ on the product label. Right next to the symbol you find a QR-code that you can scan with your cell phone or tablet. You can also enter the url underneath the QR-code manually into your web browser to access the IFU. Choose and download the IFU in your preferred language. Should you require a printed IFU, simply call us or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.